About Us

Welcome to BUG.HK!
Thank you for clicking BUG.HK and we hope you can enjoy it.

Who we are?

We are one of the websites under Zitong Information Technology Limited.

What are we doing?

Email supplier is becoming more and more, but very few could reflect your creative, art and culture individuality. We hope we could do something to share this possibility.
Our service is to provide you a simplized, personalized and created email.

Why we do?

1. You could get professional support from BUG.HK engineers having years of internet experience.
2. Zitong Information Technology Limited is a no debt private company. This finacial system could make the company with stable operation.
3. We look toward to the future on the point of strategy, opreation and development. We are devoting to our loved career and having confidence with the future of internet.

When do we start?

Zitong Information Technology Limited was founded in Sep., 2015. Before that, our company is Zitong Creating Lab., founded in Oct., 2013.
The domain of BUG.HK was purchased from an intermediary.
The individuality email is offered from 6th, Jun., 2016.

What customer service could we offer?

Thank you for contact us, and looking forward to your comments.
We will read every message and reply it. We promise no reponse module or copy/stick function to give your feedback.
Our customer service will be available from Monday to Friday in the daytime (Hong Kong Time), and few access in the night and weekend.
They are special trained and will help you to solve your questions together with our engineers.

Thank you again. Interment has large imaginary space, you could enjoy your life. Hope our service could give you one more choise, more filed of vision, more convenience and more happiness.