Frequently Asked Questions

What is BUG.HK?

BUG.HK is a personalized post office, offering personalized mailboxes ending @BUG.HK, powered by Zitong Information Technology Limited.
Zitong Information Technology Limited was founded in Hong Kong, Sept. 2015.

Is your service reliable?

All our services use Ali enterprise mail.
Ali enterprise mail is serving over 2 000 000 customers now, owning over 20 years experience in mail services.
We offer iOS / Android app, QR Code logging in, multi-tabs view, free trial and money back guarantee.

More information about Ali enterprise mail, please click

Is your service secure?

Your personal data are totally encrypted. You can increase your account security by setting your phone number and secure questions.

Do you offer free trial and money back guarantee?

Of course.
All of our services offer 7 days’ free trial and 7 days’ money back guarantee.

How to get my own ID?

1. Check. Click to find your favorite ID.
2. Sign up: Click to create an account.
3. Pay: Click enter the ID you wish to buy and ask for a free trial or pay for your ID.
4. Enjoy. After you pay, you will get the password for your ID immediately, and we will confirm your id in no more than 24 hours.

How to log in my mailbox?

You can get your password in your account.
You can log in at
Also, you can use our mobile app:
Please download it at:
We also provide IMAP / POP3 access,
IMAP server:,port: 993,using SSL;
POP3 server:,port: 995,using SSL;
SMTP server:,port: 465,using SSL。

Forget your password?

If you can’t remember the password for your account…
You can reset it by clicking
If you can’t remember the password for your email ID:
You can reset it by clicking Reset password - Ali enterprise mail
If you still have problem, please contact us.

How to have a free trial?

You can click the ‘FREE Trial’ button when checking email ID.

How to ask for a refund?

Please login to your account, and click the red ‘Refund’ button.
We will confirm your request in no more than 24 hours.
We will pay the money back to your account balance, which can be withdrawn.

Can my account balance be withdrawn?

Certainly, please submit withdraw request in your account.

Why can’t I have a free trial?

Every account can have a free trial. If yours can’t, you may have already had a trial. If you want one more time, you can create a new account.
Before your trial, you must finish verifying your email address. If you can’t receive our verify email, please check your junk mail folder, or try again.
If you still have problem, please contact us.